Anna Törnquist – På kapp med tidvattnet, 52x36cm, 2008




Anna Törnquist
By Jacqueline Stare
Anne Törnquist lives in Göteborg and is an architect specializing in school architecture. She has written a book on the subject. Apart from that she teaches at Chalmers and she also paints and teaches watercolour. She used to paint outdoors a lot, now she normally works in the studio. Her landscapes – sometimes including buildings, boats, animals and people – tend to become more abstract. There is also another side of Anna Törnquist: humourous and playful illustrations of women.

Gudrun Hagman
By Jacqueline Stare
Gudrun Hagman loves travelling but she has deep roots in the Swedish forest landscape where she spends much time alternating with living in Stockholm where she has a studio. Actually, she can paint anywhere. In the beginning she used all kinds of paper and it took many years before she began to use watercolour paper systematically. This means she can paint on whatever kind of paper she can get her hands, her paints she carry with her at almost all times.

Anders Rönström
By Lasse Sandström
Almost all has already been done in landscape painting according to Anders Rönstöm. Therefore he would rather paint faces and portraits, even though a face can be seen as a surface similar to a landscape. He works half-time as a dentist and half-time as an artist. He mainly uses watercolour, though occasionally also paints in oil and acrylics. He spends much time painting, drawing or writing. Hardly ever a day has gone by for the last 2o years without painting or writing.